FEPA Purchasing

fundamental knowledge and user application

The purchasing or ordering system has the function of controlling and monitoring material access with regard to quantities, dates and prices in connection with the suppliers. Generally, already saved master data (items, suppliers, delivery conditions) are used for the purchasing processes. This is done by considering the current item status in the materials management which is based on the transactions from sales, production and purchasing as well as on manual bookings. Purchasing is roughly divided into the following areas:

  • supplier management

  • condition management

  • request management

  • order management and control

  • statistics/data history

Target group:

project teams, project managers, key-users and all other employees who need an overview of the scope, application and functions of the FEPA purchasing module.


Participants should know and be able to use the basic functionalities of FEPA.

Aim of the seminar:

This seminar gives you an overview of the processes, organizational structures and master data in the purchasing process. In addition, various options for analyzing process-generated purchasing data will be explained.


  • supplier master data

  • supplier conditions

  • order proposals

  • requests

  • orders

  • incoming goods

  • accounting control

  • returned deliveries/debit note

  • purchasing-relevant information systems

the seminar content is explained on the basis of examples and exercises which demonstrate topic-related key aspects.

1 Day
from 9am - 4:30pm

580 € plus VAT / person

dates on request

catering and seminar documentation

max. 8 participants

seminar language: