ERP-software FEPA for the Cable Production industry

Profit from our profound industry knowledge for:

  • Cable production: cables, lines, litz wires, wires
  • cable assembly
  • cable trade


The production of cable systems becomes more and more complex. Reasons for that are higher levels of product characteristics, stricter requirements for manufacturing and also because of constantly increasing performance requirements on logistics chains.

Companies within the cable industry must be able to promptly identify market trends and efficiently meet the individual needs of their customers.

Accuracy, quality, and reliability rank first. Our FEPA industry sector component "Cable" is designed to meet the specific needs of that industry. FEPA supports the complete range of your logistics chain, be it the continuous orientation towards cable lengths, cable characteristics, cable-specific production data, resource lists, or billing procedures for metalware.

Standard does not exclude individuality

The intelligent development structure of the FEPA 3-components-concept makes it possible to further extend our basic software. It does this with the industry sector component "Cable" along with the corresponding standard add-ons. Thus, FEPA is a standard software which is particularly designed to meet your needs..

FEPA industry sector component
FEPA functional add-ons


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