ERP-software FEPA for Plastics Processing industry

Companies within the plastics processing industry operate within a highly competitive market. Rising costs for materials and energy along with declining margins put considerable pressure on prices. At the same time, customers are demanding reliable deliveries and assured qualities. It is therefore important to watch out for the lowering of throughput times and unit costs as well as to observe the appropriate flexibility for alternating delivery schedules.

FEPA supports companies in the transparent mapping of their business activities. Our customers are able to optimize and slim down their organizational structures. Hence FEPA comprehensively covers all features of the plastics processing industry: injection moulding, pressing, thermoforming, galvanization of plastics, hot-foil stamping, and foaming. Program logic, functions, and user interface will be optimally aligned to the requirements of your line of business. All FEPA components are customer-specific combinable. .

Standard does not exclude individuality.

The intelligent development structure of the FEPA 3-components-concept makes it possible to further extend our basic software. It does this with the industry sector component "Plastics Processing" along with the corresponding standard add-ons. Thus, FEPA is a standard software which is particularly designed to meet your needs.


sales, purchasing, costing, logistics, material management, production planning/production control, production data acquisition / staff work time logging, FEPA.PETL (process-oriented information system)

FEPA industry sector components
FEPA functional add-ons


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