ERP-software FEPA for Mechanical and Plant Engineering

The difference between success and failure in everyday market competition depends on qualitative decisions and a swift reaction time.

FEPA can support your company with the improvement of all your vital business areas. Your branch-specific needs in the mechanical and plant engineering sector will continue to be respected and will be implemented throughout the requirements of your business. With FEPA's complete transparency, its access to current near-term data, and its efficient production control, customers can be sure that they will proficiently be informed about their company's current situation.


Standard does not exclude individuality.

The intelligent development structure of the FEPA 3-components-concept makes it possible to further extend our basic software. It does this with the industry sector component "Mechanical and Plant Engineering" along with the corresponding standard add-ons. Thus, FEPA is a standard software which is particularly designed to meet your needs..


sales, purchasing, costing, logistics, materials management, production planning/production control, production data acquisition / staff work time logging, FEPA.PETL (process-oriented information system)

FEPA Industry Sector Components
FEPA functional add-ons


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