Our partners

Actian is the leading provider of big data management solutions.

With the Actian applications, large amounts of data can be linked, analyzed and evaluated. At a time when ever larger amounts of data are being produced, this data gives companies a strategic and entrepreneurial advantage over their competitors.

With these innovative, flexible and scalable applications, growing demands due to the increasing amounts of data can be processed more easily.

Founded in 1984, CSS AG is continuously developing modern and user-friendly business software for discerning medium-sized companies across all industries - also for international corporate use.

With more than 1,300 customers, CSS is one of the largest business software manufacturers in Germany. eGECKO is a comprehensive software model that is unique in its scope in the medium-sized business segment: In almost 30 modules, the user can find all the functionalities for optimally mapping business processes in the company.

Since it was founded in 1990, CTO Balzuweit GmbH has been focusing on ECM. Based on many years of experience, CTO established itself primarily with its solutions for document-based business processes and input management.

For more than 20 years, Datafox has been developing and producing various systems for mobile and stationary data acquisition. The mobile data collection devices are used where mobility and flexibility are required the most: on construction sites, in health care facilities, in field services and other areas. Just like stationary hardware, mobile devices are characterized by the exact recording and transmission of staff time, access control, machine and vehicle data.

The areas of application are diverse and they are an important part for controlling the supply chain and collecting relevant information for optimization.

As a specialist in software-based data and document management, Otris provides software solutions with which all administrative processes are fully and transparently mapped, controlled and documented.

The solutions are based on particular, proven and tested technology platforms and can be used both individually or in combination. The guiding principle of the Otris software development is to create a sophisticated technology that is easy to use.