FEPA functional add-ons

standard functions for company-specific demands

It is particularly important for the practical use and the efficiency of a software system that company-specific forms of organisation and its strategies are optimally supported. At the same time transparency and the perpetuation of already implemented features must be retained.

Therefore FEPA allows for the integration and activation of specific cross-divisional functional add-ons which depend on your production type, business strategy and your company-specific focus.

This demand-responsive concept of standard additional functions makes it possible that our customers get individual solutions by choosing their required add-ons from our basic components.

    • business intelligence designer

    • business intelligence interface generator

    • CAD/PDM integrator

    • batch management

    • CRM customer-relationship-management

    • data-mobile

    • DMS document management

    • EDI electronic data interchange

    • production area

    • maintenance

    • intercompany

    • MDE machine data acquisition

    • product configurator

    • project management

    • service management

    • workflow-suite