FEPA Production

fundamental knowledge and user application

The production area is focusing on all program functions that deal with planning, monitoring and control of the manufacturing of in-house products.

A customer order can be divided into one or more production orders, depending on the complexity of the article (e.g. individual parts or assemblies).

In case of stock parts, several customer orders can be combined into one production order. When creating a production/manufacturing order, the software uses the data that have already been recorded for item databases, parts lists and work plans. The individual data stored in these databases are evaluated with the current production lot size (order quantity) and stored in separate files for further processing. All evaluations of the production organization module and the production planning module refer to this special data.

A large number of production documents is available. The following documents can optionally be printed in any number per production order: material slips, material lists, time slips, appointment cards, routing cards, operating orders, test reports and cutting lists.

These papers are used on the one hand as accompanying documents for the associated production order and on the other hand as planning documents for the dispatcher in the work preparation. They can optionally be adapted by the user to the company's internal needs. Through different transactions in the production area, a production order receives a corresponding status which is also displayed on screen or printer, if required.

Target group:

project teams, project managers, key-users and all other employees who need an overview of the scope, application and functions of the FEPA production module.


Participants should know and be able to use the basic functionalities of FEPA.

Aim of the seminar:

This seminar gives you an overview of the processes and organizational structures in the production process. In addition, various options for analyzing process-generated data will be explained.


  • production process

  • production-relevant master data

  • production lists

  • production proposals and availability checks

  • work orders, work slips, working papers

  • central manufacturing facility

  • feedback, material withdrawal

  • batches

  • contract production

  • visualization of the production processes

the seminar content is explained on the basis of examples and exercises which demonstrate topic-related key aspects.

1 Day
from 9am - 4:30pm

580 € plus VAT/ person

dates on request

catering and seminar documentation

max. 8 participants

seminar language: