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ERP/PPS software FEPA for the metalworking industry

ERP/PPS software FEPA for the metalworking industry


Companies within the metalworking industry operate within a highly competitive market. The rising costs of materials and energy put considerable pressure on prices both simultaneously and with declining margins. At the same time, customers are demanding reliable deliveries and assured quality. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the lowering of throughput times, unit costs, and appropriate flexibility for alternating delivery schedules.

The FEPA branch object "Metal" offers a perfect platform for all the processes found within metalworking companies and contract manufacturers. Thereby, FEPA comprehensively covers all features in the metal processing procedure: casting, stamping, pressing, milling, drilling, turning, forging, welding, and sintering. Our ERP/PPS software displays all business activities reaching from purchase to customer-specific development, and to complex delivery management. Customers receive fluent business processes that generate transparency and form a reliable basis for decisions.


Standard does not exclude individuality


The intelligent development structure of the FEPA 3-Components-Concept makes it possible to further extend our basic software. It does this with the branch object "Metal" along with the corresponding standard Add-ons. Thus, FEPA is a standard software which is particularly designed to meet your needs.

1 FEPA Standard Basis ERP/PPS
Sales, Logistics, Business Management, Production Planning, Production Control, Production Data Acquisition / Staff Work Time Logging

2 FEPA Standard Branch Objects
Metal Working and Processing / Sheet Metal Processing / Sheet Metal Forming / Machining / Casting

3 FEPA Standard Functional Add-ons
CRM, Project Management, Quality Management with Rejects Controlling, CAD/PDM Integrator, FEPA Mobile Data, EDI, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Workflow Suite, Customer Administration, Customer Complaint Management