Innovative Technology
FEPA - Innovative Technology

FEPA - Innovative Technology

Sustainable and powerful


Fundamentally for our successful software concept, PLANAT relies on future-proof basic technologies. The multiple award-winning FEPA 3-Components-Concept is the basis for the trendsetting development. By using web-services, FEPA can be easily implemented into your company's already existing IT-infrastructure. The open system architecture guarantees a high scalability and hence supports the growth and development of medium-sized companies. Our modern development offers a particularly innovative operating concept. By personalization of masks, users can tailor their specific daily business to the environment. Additionally, daily business will be simplified by easily and individually generating ad hoc workflows during running applications. This results in an exceptionally high acceptance rate in everyday working practices. 

In practice, this means:

  • FEPA increases the unerring responsiveness of volatile markets
  • FEPA adapts itself to your company and develops with you towards the future
  • FEPA guarantees a swift acceptance by users, and security in everyday efficiency