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ERP/PPS software FEPA for the automotive / supplier industry

ERP/PPS software FEPA for the automotive / supplier industry


Automotive suppliers must be multidimensionally capable of meeting high expectations. “Just-in-Time” production represents a challenge due to its consideration of a high rate of variant diversity and ever shortening product cycles. Success, therefore, depends on the ability to ensure quality standards and warrant timely deliveries.

The branch object "Automotive" respects the particular demands of this industry. Whether it be mass or make-to-order production, FEPA can support the entire logistics chain. It ensures support by starting with pre-series orders dispatched by EDI, to production planning, to production control, and ends with final distribution. The EDI functionality is an important branch-specific component of the automotive supply sector. Considering the EDI guidelines, FEPA EDI is completely integrated within the order processing, and it is based on current industry standards.


Standard does not exclude individuality


The intelligent development structure of the FEPA 3-Components-Concept makes it possible to further extend our basic software. It does this with the branch object "Automotive" along with the corresponding standard Add-ons. Thus, FEPA is a standard software which is particularly designed to meet your needs.

1 FEPA Standard Basis ERP/PPS
Sales, Logistics, Business Management, Production Planning, Production Control, Production Data Acquisition / Staff Work Time Logging

2 FEPA Standard Branch Objects
EDI Integration, EDI in the Purchasing Department, Cumulative Quantities, Material-Handling Equipment, Dispatch Processing

3 FEPA Standard Functional Add-ons
Project Management, Strategic Planning, Continuous Batch Management, Document Management, Quality Management and Customer Complaint Management, EDL Processing, Workflow Suite, Business Intelligence with Dashboard