PLANAT is celebrating its 40th anniversary

For 40 years now, FEPA has proven itself as a qualitative ERP software ‘Made in Germany’!

Like many other companies, PLANAT was founded in 1981 by young university scientists who already knew back then how to combine entrepreneurial processes and business spirits with the growing importance of IT infrastructures. The founders recognized the advantages that companies in the manufacturing industry could get from individual software solutions. Thus, FEPA was born!

FEPA is currently used by several hundred companies and it ensures efficiency and safety. In order to keep these standards, we are now serving our customers from five different locations. 

Our daily work is still shaped by this basic idea which once laid the foundation for PLANAT and FEPA during a time when computers had a data storage that was just as big as current smartphones. This basic idea and our innovative adaption to customer needs throughout the decades developed FEPA into a powerful and stable tool. 

We look forward to continuing our journey with our customers and thank them all for their trust in us and in our products. 

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