Awards for PLANAT and FEPA

Our passion and innovation have repeatedly received rave reviews


PLANAT has received several awards and distinctions in the past few years that have given it a justifiable pride. These honors have demonstrated PLANAT's performance as a distinguished medium-sized German company. 


PLANAT and FEPA received the German quality label "Software Made in Germany"

PLANAT and FEPA received the German quality label

ERP/PPS software FEPA by PLANAT: 100 percent quality, service and future

After the successful presentation at the CeBit trade fair in Hanover, this ERP/PPS software developer was again decorated. Due to the success of FEPA it received the German quality label "Software Made in Germany" by Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi). Since 1981, PLANAT has been developing and implementing ERP/PPS standard software for sales, logistics, production planning, production control, and business applications.

PLANAT and FEPA have again received the innovation award "Innovationspreis-IT" in 2013


Initiative Mittelstand verleiht Innovationspreis-IT "BEST OF 2013" an PLANAT GmbH für ERP/PPS-Software FEPA

This marked the tenth prize to be awarded by "Initiative Mittelstand" in the category "ERP". Subsequently, PLANAT was awarded "Best of 2013" for its integration of its ERP/PPS software FEPA and MES. "This outstanding product has particularly convinced the judging panel and it therefore belongs to the leaders of the more than 4,900 submitted applications", the jury stated.


Successful qualification for FEPA

Successful qualification for FEPA

This year, the ERP/PPS software FEPA was again awarded the coveted "Qualified Product" seal by Initiative Mittelstand in the category of "industry software". The "Innovationspreis-IT" award is an annual prize that honors the most innovative, medium-sized, and company-friendly IT products.

FEPA received recognition as "TOP IT-Solution"

FEPA received recognition as
PLANAT has received the "TOP IT-Solution" award for its ERP/PPS standard software FEPA by "Initiative Mittelstand". Therefore FEPA belongs to the leaders of ERP/PPS software solutions.